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Material Properties 10mm Ezylite

Compressive Strength
20MPa (3,000 PSI)
Impact Resistance
Tensile Strength
>5.5 MPa<
1000 Kg/m³
Moisture Absorption
26% Maximum saturation (slow absorbing rate)
Moisture Content
Thermal Conductivity
0.162 (W/m-K) (like a softwood)
Modulus of elasticity
6045 N/mm²
20.1 N/mm²
Surface Alkalinity
Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold
Expansion in Water
Less than < 0.03%
Frost Resistance
No water drops form on surface
Combustibility / Fire Ratings
Non-Combustible 10mm Exceeds 60 Min
Asbestos Analysis
No Asbestos
Formaldehyde Analysis
< 5 ug/g (not used in the process)
Sound Attenuation (10mm)
Tested designed ASTM E90=STC 48, 50, 55 and 60
The following tests have been conducted by recognized laboratories in Australia and around the world to comply with AS/NZS (Australian and New Zealand Standards) and International Standards, all tests achieved good results and certificates are issued to customer use for building permit applications on request.

NCC 20016    
Vol 2 BCA Class 1 & Class 10 Building
AS/NZS,1530.2 1993
Method of tests on building materials, components and structure test for flammability of materials Giving result of Class A Non- Combustible
AS/NZS,1530.3 1999
Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structure simultaneous determination of ignition-ability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release.
AS/NZS,1530.4 2005
Testing of full scale wall in temperatures of 1200 Deg C achieving 60/60/60, 90/90/90 and 120/120/120. Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL 40)
AS/ 2464.4-1981
Testing for thermal insulation.
AS/NZS,4040.5 1996
Testing for resistance of impact.
Testing for building facade.
Meets the Building Code of Australia for Non-flammable, Impact Resistance and Moisture  proof.
EN 717.1-2004
AWTA Heavy Metal Content. No traces found
AWTA Heavy Metal Content. Asbestos free. Harmful inorganic metal (not detected).
AS/1191, 2002Method for Laboratory measurements of airborne sound transmitting insulation of Building Materials

AS/NZS,1530,1 : 1994




Method of testing for combustibility, Non-Combustible




Fire Rating Classification Per International Standards and Tests (class A1 as the highest rating for building materials).

Ezylite Board achieved ultimate state levels (5000 Pa/2000 Pa) AS/NZS 4284 - 2008. We tested the limit of our product to the highest wind/water pressure applied to our 10mm board. Ezylite board maintained it's strength and integrity in the most rigorous of tests!