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Products Availability and Sizes


 Size Description Use & FRL
600 x 2700 @ 22 mm thick 2 x 11 mm Ezylite boards laminated together with 30 mm shiplap all around, smooth on one face and rough on other face, ideal for render or paint
External wall cladding
FRL 120/120/120, Partywall 
FRL 60/60/60  90/90/90
Ezylite E Board
1200 x 2400,  1200 x 2700, & 1200 x 3000 @ 10 mm thick 

Smooth on one side and rough textured finish on other side. Ideal for render or painting. 
Use External Fire Rated wall cladding
FRL 60/60/60
Ezylite ZeroBound
600 x 2700 @ 14 mm thick
Smooth one face and rough on other face, ideal for render or paint finish, 
External Fire rated wall cladding
FRL 60/60/60
Ezylite  Astrix Panel
600 x 2200 @ 50 mm thick
Lightweight panel with T&G  joining system




Easy to cut and install and a true meaning to lightweight, used on every application for fire rated wall cladding

FRL 120/120/120 



Ezylite Downloads


Download Ezylite FireZone Wall Cladding


Download Ezylite FireZone Party wall 


Download Astrix Manual


Download Ezylite E Board Manual


Download MSDS


Download Ezylite Product Brochure



Download ZeroBound Manual