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Some uses for EzyLite Board/Panels which includes:
  • Fire Rated Walls (Includes High fire risk areas) BAL F-Z
  • External / Internal Wall Cladding
  • Partitions
  • Eave Lining
  • Tile Underlay
  • Facade
  • Party Walls
  • Sound insulation.
  • Commercial & Residential use
  • Feature Walls
  • Any Fire protection to services
  • Under roof lining

Ezylite FireZone.


Ezylite FireZone is cost effective party wall and wall cladding panel designed with ship-lap joining system all around for easy installation. Party wall FRL 60/60/60 & 90/90/90 and wall cladding FRL 120/120/120, acoustic rating Rw 63 + Ctr 50.

FireZone is available in size of 600 x 2700 @ 20 mm thick, total weight 12Kg/M2 classed as a lightweight cladding with advantages of water resistant, anti mold, termite resistant, quick & easy installation and cut with standard tungsten tip blade.Download FireZone Party Wall Manual

Download FireZone Wall Cladding



Ezylite Astrix.


Astrix Panel is a light weight panel with superior strength, a 600 x 2200 @ 50 mm thick has a total weight of 30 Kg/ Panel. Astrix panel achieved an FRL 120/120/120 when installed direct to timber / steel frame or battens. Easy to cut and install, Astrix panels provide a simple yet cost effective wall cladding solution.  Astrix Panels achieved an acoustic rating of Rw 63+ Ctr 51, one of the highest value for noise reduction for a 50 mm panel. Download Astrix Manual


Ezylite E Board. 


Ezylite Board can be used on a wide range of applications with much approved characteristics. Ezylite Board provides the solution for limited space environment, easy installation, light weight, water resistant, and maintenance free, FRL 60/60/60, acoustic rated Rw 40 + Ctr 32, thermal rating R-4.03 and Lightweight 10.5 Kg/SQM.
Ezylite boards has 2 surface finish which can be rendered on or painted, best result is render or pain on rough surface. Available in sizes of 1200 x 2400, 1200 x 2700 and 1200 x 3000. Download Ezylite E Board