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Ezylite board may be fixed to either timber or steel frames with or without battens, we advise the use of timber or steel battens for better airflow and reducing condensation. Studs and substrate use must be spaced no more than 450 centers and comply with relevant building regulations and standards. It is also important to ensure that the frame is square and straight to provide the flush face to receive the sheeting. Timber framing must comply with AS/1680 and Building Codes of Australia.

Ezylite panels should be lifted off the floor and kept away from floor by approximately 40 mm Max to allow for any frame movement, shrinking and expansion, All Gaps Must Be Sealed With Approved Fire Rated Sealants when used as fire rated wall.


Ezylite board must be screwed  to the frame as specified in the Installation manual, only use approved fasteners suitable for the frame type and Panel thickness to ensure the screws have enough length to provide a good grip into the timber frame, Min penetration into  timber  25mm and 10 mm into steel frame.




All timber or steel frames must be lined with breathable sarking before installing Ezylite Boards, only use approved Adhesive and Fasteners specified in installation manual.


When installing 10 mm Ezylite Board to typical external timber frame, use 8g x 40-50mm Class 3 mechanical galvanized screws spaced @ 250 -300 Max centers, ensure to place approved Fire Rated Sealants between all vertical, horizontal and expansion  joints.


All joints must be back blocked when joint does not meet on stud. (Refer to Ezylite Board Manual)


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Download Ezylite FireZone Wall Cladding Manual

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